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To Hasan Atmaja. Teskilat Urdu And English Subtitle Do we know where it is? Now is the time to leave the business in the middle. Stop it I saw the woman, she is in the corridor. Cut him off Sparrowhawk, Dagger, everyone is looking for you.

They are still following you. I will take care of the men. Don’t do that, Zahra. We don’t have time. We must retrieve this data before it is exposed. This is your responsibility. there You have successfully logged in again. Sparrowhawk, you should stop transmitting data immediately. I canceled it.

Now we have to delete the data transferred by them. Teskilat Urdu And English Subtitle stop don’t run Where is the other one? No one on this side. It was two people, let’s get it. I parted with a few security elements.

Sparrowhawk, they’re coming for you. A little left. Get out of there, Sparrowhawk. They’re in, Sparrowhawk A little left Did Omar manage to get out? I don’t know, I haven’t seen it yet. Done, data with me. We will check it right away.

Let’s see what they are trying to uncover. You are really hard to work with Where is Venus? Dagger. How are you? I am on those who are following me. You should have gone out a long time ago. Wait, I’m coming.

No, there is no need. Your coming won’t change anything. I am in a safe place. I will be with you soon. The project they were trying to uncover. I think I know what it is. Where is that man?

Where did he suddenly go? He must be looking for you everywhere, Akbar Baba. Now everyone is in potential danger. Who are you calling from Salim? His phone is switched off. Dad Is there any reason to call mother Sajida?

Korkut, you better take us to the neighborhood. Come quickly. Do you not answer? Answer Sajida? Hello, thoughts? Sajida, why don’t you answer the phone? I was cleaning the house unheard of. OK, is there a problem? She was cleaning the house. No, no problem I called to ask if you needed anything We don’t need anything Thoughts Wait, the bell is ringing Here I come Who is this?

Please, who are you looking for? Who is Tariq, Sajida? Hasan Atmaja We were looking for Hassan Atmaja Is he at home? prostrate So they targeted the local fighter plane’s secret project Luckily we have all the data and they don’t have anything Well,

get out of there right away Has Zahra come yet? Zahra Sir Francis They took the data from us But don’t worry We have a thing for them age

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