Teskilat Episode 66 In Urdu And English Subtitle Free

who is that? David Hartley. Teskilat Episode 66 In Urdu And English Subtitle It came as a cultural accessory, but now it has no significance. What have you done? I’m done It all started with that And ends. what You don’t look happy. Do you believe he is dead? I shot him I was going to hit him with another one, but I couldn’t, the others followed him.

Teskilat Episode 66 In Urdu And English Subtitle

This is serious, thoughts If this boy was alive, we would be in big trouble. We will soon find out. You called for a cab, right? Yes, Mrs. Helen. Thanks What, Kurkat Helen. How are you? Why called? I have already called you Even several times But you didn’t answer me. I was busy, I couldn’t answer you. There are some problems Any problem? I hope everything is fine.

No problem, I have to go now, I have important work, okay? Bye What is important? what are you doing here? Rather, what are you doing here in this cold? I’m waiting for a taxi, I have to go quickly and you don’t need to come here.

Teskilat Episode 66 In Urdu And English Subtitle

Why? For security reasons Come on, I’ll take you wherever you want. And we’ll talk a little bit. I’ll take a taxi, no need. You’re going to the gym here, come on. I froze anyway. You look worried. Is something important? I mean Yes, there was Dad My father was shot. how is he? what are you saying?

Teskilat Episode 66 In Urdu And English Subtitle

And how is he? don’t you no! No Not like this Right now in the hospital. OK and it will get better He will be discharged from the hospital soon. What’s up guys, did any of you get anything? I analyzed all the transactions in the name of the consulate but nothing was found.

Teskilat Episode 66 In Urdu And English Subtitle

Hartley and Francis haven’t had any suspicious contact lately, sir. gorgon Did you get anything, Gorgon? gorgon I am analyzing the external financial transfers issued by the consulate in the last period Why? If they were doing something dangerous like that, they certainly wouldn’t do it officially. So I think they have made an illegal conversion.

Teskilat Episode 66 In Urdu And English Subtitle

Is money transfer what we are looking for? Gorgon may be right. It could be someone they haven’t met in person. We can find it only by looking at money. They cannot do this with the consulate’s budget, lest they arouse suspicion. You are right Zahra. This is my opinion too. And you analyzed the offshore accounts. And the result?

Conclusion sir These are money transfers using fake identities of consular workers. Thus they finance through back door informal means. So where did the money go? It is strange. A person who works as a data analyst in a private company. Send money to this man to decode the information. Great Cheers, Gurgen. I got a good track.

We must know where this man is. Your command How did this happen? what I mean, who would dare to do that? I told you the name when we went to the beach Yes Hasan Atmaja. They Well, where is your father, is he in the hospital, let me go with you. No need for it. Real I’m not going to the hospital anyway. It is not appropriate to come. Good?

Teskilat Episode 66 In Urdu And English Subtitle

I want to come here, can you stop? What are you doing here so late? I didn’t know I had to ask your permission. and also Please don’t come to my house again without telling me. I can’t open the door. good night good night curse Then it was over. Are we free now?

Yes Finally We can return to our families and loved ones. Expected Did you get the news? We will find out now. Baba’s Thoughts What happened Korkat? The man is still alive. Hartley is not dead. what He is in the hospital, receiving treatment, I learned this from Helen.

Teskilat Episode 66 In Urdu And English Subtitle

Where are you, Kurkat? I haven’t figured it out yet. This changes everything. That man is still alive and even knows that you are near him. We must find this hospital immediately, Kurkat. Well, I’ll do my best Bye He didn’t die. They definitely have it all together now. They will come after us all.

Maybe they already do. Okay, okay, calm down, skinny Thoughts, I would sacrifice myself a thousand times over if that were the case But it won’t stop with us. The families we have left behind over the years will enter the matter so that nothing bad happens to them.

Teskilat Episode 66 In Urdu And English Subtitle

All right, Salem, calm down I will finish what I started. I didn’t keep you waiting, did I? This is not a problem. Why did you bring me here? You have seen this beauty before, haven’t you? it’s fine Well, did you find anything? You’ve got something I came up with a name.

Even Pedro and I went to the man’s address, but we couldn’t find him. This man was in the past with Hasan Atmaja in Bosnia. What was his name? Salem Korkamaz. I don’t know anything else. good Where was the address you went to? I have the site, let me send it to you.

Teskilat Episode 66 In Urdu And English Subtitle

Watch If we find this guy We will also reach Hasan Atmaja. What do you do? I try to focus on my work. What were you thinking? your father You can talk to me Umar don’t worry. Nothing to talk about. Who is this? Korkat Is there a problem? no Answer it, maybe it’s important. Hi Kurkat, is there anything important? No man We didn’t talk for a long time. I called you.

I was busy age I know what’s going on. Don’t tell me bro i feel you Did someone ask about me? Forget about it Are you asking about your father? Let’s meet We talk to each other like brothers. He will be fine, but bro, now is not the time. There was chaos. what happened? Is there a problem? Korkat, I’m going to ask you something I won’t be in the neighborhood for a while Mom Oh man, now Sajida is my mom too. do not worry.

Teskilat Episode 66 In Urdu And English Subtitle

thanks brother Thanks Omar. I have to go now, Kurkat, see you later. Brothers meet again. May Allah open your way. gorgon Where is this money? Where was this information sent? Sir, our target is a man named Thomas Meinert. The amount has been transferred to him. This means that the information is in his possession. Great, where is he? Brussels.

You’ve heard Gorgon Get ready You are going to Brussels. Is that it? Yes, an exact match. Let’s tell Mr. Khalid. come here Any news from the team? Yes sir they want to talk to you. Well, bring them right away. What is the situation? We have reached the target sir. Great, we wasted no time. We don’t have time sir, every minute counts. What do we know about the man?

This person works in data mining in a private company. It looks like a simple analyzer. But that’s about it. By the way, are you in touch with anyone? Yes He has previously conducted missions for foreign intelligence. We can say that it contains local intelligence data. And he has a family. His family knows nothing about him. He lives a hidden life.

Teskilat Episode 66 In Urdu And English Subtitle

How about information? We believe that the information has not yet reached him. We will monitor it and get information. science I will present the situation to the counselor. God help you. knowledge So let’s begin. Our team is currently on a secret mission in Brussels. It’s not just electronic theft. They target our freedom. The increase in the number of attacks was not accidental. They are trying to catch us They also feed us at the right time.

They won’t be able to, sir, we won’t let them. I believe in it. thank you sir The target is moving northwest. I’ll take your place on the clock. Do you see anything with it? negative Is there any movement? still not A car is coming. A car is just entering the forest, the operator is speaking. He has a bag. It is possible that the data is in it. Maybe they will deliver here.

Teskilat Episode 66 In Urdu And English Subtitle

A proper place for it. Perhaps they will transmit data with near-field communications. We have to make sure that first. The next goal is with me. I’m looking at it. Dagger Tell us your location. Continue monitoring. science Sparrowhawk Does the woman still have the bag? You haven’t left the bag yet. I am waiting to enter.

Teskilat Episode 66 In Urdu And English Subtitle

The analyst who picks up the bag will confirm that the bag is the one we are looking for For this you should wait for the right time. The woman suspects that she is being watched. Let it go, Sparrowhawk. What matters is who the bag will reach. It means analyst. good I’m going to stop monitoring, Dagger. Now it’s your turn science The target changed direction.

He got the message. Delivery may happen soon. See distance, dagger. We must ensure that the delivery is completed. science The target is not moving. Did the woman leave the bag? Can you see it, Dagger? The woman goes. I left the bag, he didn’t. The target is moving. Leave the bag. Check the bag, Dagger. And I will take control. What’s up, Dagger?

Teskilat Episode 66 In Urdu And English Subtitle

I left the hard drive inside the bag. Let’s check its contents immediately. You have to make contact, Dagger Here I am checking. The hard disk is empty. Transfer data and take it with you. Sparrowhawk, the data man has it. science, I will wait for the right time. Note I will step. science We are ready Ready, we wait. to stop to stop I have noted Do not interfere. what What do you say, kid? His family in the car? We cannot risk a confrontation.

They are not in the car. Dagger. We await your confirmation. Open the way. We will continue to monitor the vehicle. They will go curse age what is this place Works here Even if this company appears to be a private company Inside this may be the Brussels office of the intelligence they work for.

Teskilat Episode 66 In Urdu And English Subtitle

Why did he come here? Because he understood that he was being followed and because he knew that we would not raid him while he was with his family. Thus, it has kept the data in a safe place. Our job has now become even more difficult. my Lord Is what I heard true? Unfortunately, sir.

We will not be able to retrieve the data. The analyst managed to enter a secret room in the institution where he works. We see the man and then he slips out of our grasp, how does that happen? Can you explain that? He managed to get past us by using his family, sir.

Teskilat Episode 66 In Urdu And English Subtitle

It happened because of me. This is my fault It wasn’t your fault. Everyone knows this. You did the right thing. Do what is right. This does not change the fact that data is still at risk. But that’s not what really affects you. What stopped you there, Omar? I saw myself in this child.

It is not the child’s fault. We would not raid in front of his father. He made a life for himself. The Secret Life A life he hides from his wife and children. That child is also like me Well, finish your sentence. let me know If you do not speak, you will not be able to get out of this labyrinth inside you. Talking is not a solution. We are here on a mission, and I made the mistake of mixing my emotions with the mission. You are not wrong. You had to save the citizens.

Teskilat Episode 66 In Urdu And English Subtitle

Stop Omar. What do you do? But what do you do? Why are you running away from me? Umir, I want to tell you what feelings you have hidden inside you? There is a wall between us, you keep building dams. And don’t let me cross, what have I done to you? Why are you running away from me?

Because I am this way because of you what did i do to you What have I done wrong to you? When I was a child When I realized that Baba would not come back through this door again. Then I lost all hope. That was until you came along. you came And it gave me hope again. Then what happened after that? You also left. I was abandoned as a child, Venus.

Teskilat Episode 66 In Urdu And English Subtitle

Do you know what it means to feel this way? For many years Do you know how hard it is to feel confident again? do you know? Do you have any idea about it? Why should I trust you now? I learned to heal my own wounds. Leave the past behind. This does not benefit anyone. Letting go of the past is not that easy. And you know that better than I do.

The moment you say it’s over You look up and see that you are back where you started. It will be over, papa, it will be over It is inevitable. It will not end without this man dying. will die But we must first find its place. Don’t worry dad Helen, you will take us to him. Let’s see Francis? I will send you a picture. Who is this? I think we’ve found the man we’re looking for.

Teskilat Episode 66 In Urdu And English Subtitle

We are one step closer to Hasan Atmaja. Pedro science Where did Omar go? He blames himself for what happened sir. Listen, friends. The situation does not afford to waste time. Their disclosure of this data is only a matter of time. Those statements are the honor of this country, you should never forget it. I have collected all information about the building, its map and surveillance cameras sir. Well, let’s get to work now.

We have another problem, sir. Unfortunately, the analyst has seen all of our faces. Ozai is right. They will be ready as soon as we enter. He did not see my face. I will resolve this matter sir. You cannot go alone. We don’t know what security measures they took inside. We don’t have time to scout and prepare, so we’ll go along. The analyst has seen your face.

Teskilat Episode 66 In Urdu And English Subtitle

Age is the danger of the end. We should think of alternative plans. We don’t have a second, Oze, we can’t until nightfall. Gorgon, can you take us in? Of course I will solve this matter. As you know this place is apparently an informatics office. Hence they may be vulnerable to some cyber attacks.

What exactly are your plans? I mean you would hack into a company’s system and request a bug fix. Thus a door will be opened for us to enter. And we will easily go in as caregivers. is not it? You are reading my mind too. If We will start walking. We will go to that company and take the data, no matter what. Good luck, friends A little left. You will eventually get the data you want.

Teskilat Episode 66 In Urdu And English Subtitle

I don’t want any problems. Once you decrypt the data you will send directly to me. Data in this is the most important and secret project of Turkish defense industries. good What will happen to the remaining amount that will be paid to me? As we said at the beginning, you’ll take it when it’s done. According to what was understood from the discussion Is there any progress?

Okay fine You see, I’m running the whole business while you’re away. Are you waiting for me to congratulate you? what you want? What have you done? Did you get Hassan Atmaja? both of them Then why are you here? Turn the camera, Pedro. good Do you know this man?

Teskilat Episode 66 In Urdu And English Subtitle

Who is this? This is Hasan Atmaja’s best friend. do you speak both of them But there is something else. We found a neighborhood that he has been frequenting recently. Hasan Atmaja may be there. and now what shall we do? Shall we go to the neighborhood? both of them You don’t do anything. I will do the rest. Tell Helen about it. Helen’s car is coming, she’ll be out in a minute.

She is going to the hospital to see Hartley. We’ll end Hartley right there. There are guards. They must have taken precautions. This is our last chance, we have to be careful. There is no trick left now, Baba. The sword precedes humiliation Thanks Brussels Proceed We came for technical support, there is a repair request on the network. I have to ask inside, I will make you wait. Ask, let’s see We will discuss everything after this is over Omir.

Teskilat Episode 66 In Urdu And English Subtitle

There is nothing to talk about. Is that why you blame me for everything that happens to you? We’re on a mission right now, shut up. If you don’t promise to talk about all this later, I won’t keep quiet. good When this is finished we will close this thread. What about us, Gorgon? I hacked their system and placed the order. science You can enter them.



ڈاؤن لوڈ کریں

Proceed Go ahead, this is the network room. We’ll let you know when we’re done, thanks. At the center, we are inside On which floor is the “analyst”? Analyst’s office is on the second floor. science OK, just confirm the alert that appears on the screen. We will now have access to all the cameras in the building. Now we are moving to the second phase. We have to get to the data that we think is in the analyst’s room. I will go up, he saw your face.

Teskilat Episode 66 In Urdu And English Subtitle

And when you get my cue, move. I am on the floor where the analyst is. Dagger, I’m going to disable the cameras around the room. They won’t be able to see you anymore. science I have seen the goal. Up to the dagger, you’ll enter through the door on your right.

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