Savasci Warrior Episode 21 With Urdu Subtitle Free

Why doesn’t he answer this phone? He is not in operation with my brother. Savasci Warrior Episode 21 With Urdu Subtitle He said he was on leave from the headquarters. Where is this chief? Yildiz, come on girl, but it’s late, we haven’t finished our work yet. ok mom Look, little woman, stop telling me right. I won’t say, okay mom. Look, there are three more carpets ahead , come on, keep hitting.

Savasci Warrior Episode 21 With Urdu Subtitle

Either the vacuum cleaner was invented about a hundred years ago. Savasci Warrior Episode 21 With Urdu Subtitle I don’t know if you know mom? Don’t start.This house is my house and the carpets of this house will be cleaned according to my wishes. The broom was not invented. Look at my sweaty hands. You can’t carry that slipper in one hand anyway. Sardar is not even there! I will destroy you,

I will kill you! I will kill you, I swear I will kill you! I’m going to find out what you’re doing I will kill, I will kill! you will see. Yildiz What are you screaming, daughter, I am afraid . And why are you beating like that, bam bam, Savasci Warrior Episode 21 With Urdu Subtitle are you the enemy of the carpet, girl? Oh sister you don’t know it now. Who knows what he’s doing.

Savasci Warrior Episode 21 With Urdu Subtitle

A Chinese movie character, with such a cute cute face. who What will happen to the daughter? Yildiz, something happened to you, are you okay? I’m fine sister. You’re pregnant, get in. Commander It hurts so much! are you ok sir Dishonest! Savasci Warrior Episode 21 With Urdu Subtitle He hit with a sapper! What happened to that bastard? Did he run away or did you shoot him?

The sniper was first deployed, the commander. Well, we killed two of his men, but Timo managed to escape in the car. Which way did he go? They went this way, this way, sir. Well, I’m going after them! Savasci Warrior Episode 21 With Urdu Subtitle ok sir We just wasted time sir, you might not catch on. At least we’ll try I show you. ! where is ? The vehicle has been abandoned, sir.

Savasci Warrior Episode 21 With Urdu Subtitle

Another vehicle has been identified. It means he is hurt. Inshallah you will die! Yes, Yildiz? My phone was on charge, that’s why. Well, we are watching the match with friends, what will we do? Shall I lie to you, Savasci Warrior Episode 21 With Urdu Subtitle God ? What do you mean which game is on Tuesday? It’s a water polo game, yes. And why would I lie to you from day one?

What are you doing ? Are you beating the carpet? Why are you trying to kill him, hit him on the head. Elias. Take this, sir. Commander. – Captain your uniform We thought you missed it. Thank you very much captain. It went very well. Colonel? Savasci Warrior Episode 21 With Urdu Subtitle.

Savasci Warrior Episode 21 With Urdu Subtitle

The doctor gives the uniform to the catcher Is there no medal or something? Savasci Warrior Episode 21 With Urdu Subtitle You got too cheap. These are very cheap in the military market. Stop the nonsense! I’ll go put on the croneiform, Captain. You will like it sir. Captain, you should distribute the gift or something to the other boys. Mashallah. Open your mouth again! open up Look,

those kids who brought uniforms all the way from Ankara . I even had tears in my eyes. Elias take this. Lieutenant Tell Emre not to kill the man. By your command, Commander Emre, the man did not die. Savasci Warrior Episode 21 With Urdu Subtitle Give them a piece of sugar in each hand, let them lick it off. Boys have to be encouraged, right? What were you talking about, huh? Didn’t it happen?

Savasci Warrior Episode 21 With Urdu Subtitle

come here hold on! Do not do this! let’s go Is that right? speak up Talk, is that right? Is that right? We might cross the border tonight We have to get through tonight anyway. Fortunately, we’re out of the loop Similarly, Savasci Warrior Episode 21 With Urdu Subtitle there is no issue with the man on this side. Captain! Get it out of my head Murat. Commander. Well done Colonel, very jolly man.

His eyes lit up when he saw the uniform. Of course Absolutely, Commander, I swear, look, I’m relieved. Thank God. Captain In other words, at last, I was relieved, Commander, thank God, see thanks come here Why do you look white? Nothing sir. Savasci Warrior Episode 21 With Urdu Subtitle-Are you OK? – I’m fine, I’m fine. -Baram, you know, what’s wrong with that? He gave blood, sir. I’m fine, I’m fine.

Savasci Warrior Episode 21 With Urdu Subtitle

Coach, this coach, coach, mashallah. – I’m fine sir but look, it’s fine, isn’t it? Well, Savasci Warrior Episode 21 With Urdu Subtitle I won’t talk!! Commander, I’m fine, son, drink jaggery, see, it makes blood, huh. I’ll eat, sir, all right. coach Look, my late mother used to feed me too. Drink jaggery, it makes blood. Jaggery? He makes blood, Commander. Is that right? Is that right? Captain!

Come on get this crazy off my head! Emre Enough bro, enough. look at me. Look, this is not the Turkish border. This means that the laws of the Republic of Turkey do not apply here. So if we kill you here The rules are not enforced, Savasci Warrior Episode 21 With Urdu Subtitle so nothing will happen to us. So shut up. I am relieved now. I am like flour, Captain,

Savasci Warrior Episode 21 With Urdu Subtitle

you think you can reach the Turkish Republic, huh? I don’t think so. Do you think you can get to Turkey, Captain? You fools think we won’t go to Turkey, doctor? Is it because you’ve got so many people here, huh? Savasci Warrior Episode 21 With Urdu Subtitle Is it very crowded doctor? how many? Look, how many men are here? say I said count – ok ok Two, four, eight people. Look, I am the colonel, I come before you alone.

When needed, they send the man as much. Eight people. How? Savasci Warrior Episode 21 With Urdu Subtitle Because Dr. Instead of taking 800 chickens Better to have eight braves. can you understand me Look at them look at them He is not like you. They are not like your so called colleagues. If you cut them Even if they die, they will not betray me. Put your trust in them, if the whole world turns against you after that What do you mean,

Savasci Warrior Episode 21 With Urdu Subtitle

Colonel, take it out? Donkey talking, doctor. I said that much. You understand the rest. Sword, we’re going. What are you saying, Colonel? what are you saying Commander, what did you say? He was quite angry. Savasci Warrior Episode 21 With Urdu Subtitle I said something about fishing line, Captain. I don’t want him to think clearly. If he is thinking of taking a step, I want him to take the wrong step.

Do you still think he can do something? In my experience, until we cross the border and board a helicopter This game will not end, Captain. I hope I’m wrong. let’s go. I need to talk to the colonel. Look, that gentleman over there will take care of you. You ask him, well, doctor pet! let’s go! We are taking risks. Let’s take the route under surveillance, Savasci Warrior Episode 21 With Urdu Subtitle Captain. Jay Sir Curses. Order, sir. Take Ilyas with you and get to the front and check the route bro. yes sir let’s go.

Savasci Warrior Episode 21 With Urdu Subtitle

Come on, Elias Mrs. Hendon, I am Lieutenant Olgun. Oh welcome, welcome, Ms. Khair Pasha is currently resting in his room. Our doctors did not see the need for hospital referral. So how are they? Savasci Warrior Episode 21 With Urdu Subtitle Believe me, we were very scared at first, but thanks to Allah, we are fine now. Lieutenant, can I ask you something? Of course, yes—

if that is Allah forbid if you have come to give bad news Is it okay if we tell Pasha about this later? So I am very afraid that something will happen to Pasha. I mean, if you saw how sad he was, how he fell to the ground Trust me, you’ll agree Pasha is very worried and very tired these days. Look, I understand your concern.

Savasci Warrior Episode 21 With Urdu Subtitle

But don’t worry. I guess that’s the news we’re about to deliver It would be great for them, great. oh what do you say What’s good news, what’s good news, come on. come on “Come, dear star of my fortune.” “Oh, my sad garden -” Lt. Shamid Ogun Fine , Trabzon, Wale. pick me up son Son 20 years ago, I could wrestle this man from Trabzon Thirty years ago I could walk for 72 hours without stopping.

Forty years ago, an egg could be shot from 200 meters Then I would sit down and eat them all. Fifty years ago I was like you It is impossible to predict at this point. I could handle anything. I could bear any pain. But today Not so today daughter. Therefore, if I If you are going to give some sad news If something happens to Copoz If Copoz was martyred Sir, don’t worry.

Savasci Warrior Episode 21 With Urdu Subtitle

He is right. Colonel Ibrahim Copoz is doing well. His condition is much better now. The messenger Is she telling the truth? Now Pasha, now you say girl, is a lieutenant. So Shamid Ogun commander is also a lieutenant. Well, she might be a woman, but as our commander, so Okay Duane, okay. Commander is telling the truth, Pasha.

Colonel Copoz is like a Zumba, by God’s command, Zumba, Zumba! Commander, do you have a request or an order for me? One request daughter. Sit down. Let none of you be martyrs. May none of you suffer. Let none of you bleed. Let none of you be tainted with treachery, not even one of you. May Allah protect you Your loved ones forgive you.

Savasci Warrior Episode 21 With Urdu Subtitle

Trabzon, Wale Let’s celebrate! What kind of boss are you, son! Let’s celebrate, Pasha. Then let’s eat something bad. Let’s flirt. the window are you laughing Running out the window Let’s run out the window and walk into the people. Copoz is alive! We are also alive Trabzon! Handan Hanam Can you give us a few minutes, please?

Absolutely, my dear, absolutely Copoz I know a woman, she is a friend. Do you know about it, lieutenant? So how do we get there? No sir, no courier Do you know it? No, my dear, I don’t know either. Of course the burgundy berets must remain silent. Well done. very well! Sir, judging from the car, Timo is injured.

Savasci Warrior Episode 21 With Urdu Subtitle

good At least it’s a little comfort! When this man left, there was more trouble You said sniper, right? Yes, judging by the shots he fired, Lieutenant, keep talking to your team about this Don’t let anyone lose your focus. He is not joking in front of us. If you have no other orders, I would like your permission, Commander. Have you not seen your wound yet?

Why didn’t you go to the hospital? No need sir. I am fine Don’t neglect. yes sir Sardar If you still can’t figure out what you just ate, let me tell you. Leaving you here was a small precaution. I’m glad it turned out that way, sir. Well, let’s go. Stop it do not do that! Don’t do it again. A man who can’t walk because he’s shot will be shot, gentlemen, got it?

Savasci Warrior Episode 21 With Urdu Subtitle

No one will pick up the other. Why? Because I firmly believe in Darwin’s beards. The immovable that falls, devours the weak! What’s left is what’s left. Is it well understood? Beautiful Now go and take what I told you. Antibiotic, 500 mg, 6 doses Injector, scalpel, suture, silk a. Vikram, sugar solution, salt and disinfectant. Grab some steaks too. What are you waiting for? Where are the dinosaurs? Where? Doctor, where are you? Take the Seljuk security.

Gentlemen,did you hear I will tear you to pieces! where are you is there any Bring me something to drink, bring me medicine! Where were you? You said Timo, we investigated Roshda! -What? In a government hospital Close supervision of the police! There is no way to get close! Set one inside. With money, blackmail, nothing!

Savasci Warrior Episode 21 With Urdu Subtitle

Get Rozda out of there at all costs! At any price! I asked you for water. I will take you all! I’ll take you all down one by one! I’ll take you all one by one, I’ll take you all! All of you! Are we lost again? who Who will be Ms. Real? Kagan captain, of course. Is anyone else missing? Yes, unfortunately he is missing again.

Kobele, will you stand in this corner? We will take the numbers. Ingen Yes, Ingen – Do you have a problem? – No, I’m sorry madam! – Good morning – Good morning What have you done Have you seen the results? – Yes, it is very interesting Who made them? – is an American company Very good in field work.

Savasci Warrior Episode 21 With Urdu Subtitle

I tell you Standard deviations are expressed in thousandths. Very successful Yes, they met 10,800 people face to face. Then by creating a categorical modeling and dividing it into nine main groups Of course, nine is important. Nine is not a small number, so nine. Look, now when we say nine, it comes to mind , you see?

Did you notice that our captain has a gun? Short nine, something great. It takes 15 magazines and a barrel, right? 16 capacity. But I must not see. He fires a nine millimeter bullet. Kabloy, what are you talking about? Angan Bay, I swear under the water Straighten the bottle in the mud at 150m Don’t ignore it. However, the Kagan Captain doesn’t like to bottle things up like that.

Savasci Warrior Episode 21 With Urdu Subtitle

He likes to do his job this way. Angan B. He likes to work on his head. The real Hanam will tell. Ask the real Hanam Dude, you should just drive? I swear I don’t know, I mean Kagan Captain is such a wild man The life he lived is in the blood. , it just occurred to me. By Allah, may Allah not put anyone in the way of the Kagan captain.

Kabalai! But enough is enough. good sir Angan, you come, I am coming, I am coming now. Okay fine Kobele, I know what you’re doing. I don’t need security or protection. If you do it again, you will suffer the consequences. But the real Hanam What you did was extremely unnecessary and shameful. What is Achagan, what is Achagan, brother?

Savasci Warrior Episode 21 With Urdu Subtitle

Bastard boy Get out! I will divide into nine groups, nine Do you know what Kagan Captain will do with your bow tie? Little man! Good morning. What kind of holdings? Good morning sir. I’m fine, thanks. How are you OK too. Sardar, do you know when my brother will return? no. I do not know Is there a problem? Nothing girl.

Either they were out on a mission from Kebab. What will he do; They are visiting tourist and historical places. For some reason, whenever you or my brother say something like that, there is a problem. Look, if there is something, tell me, don’t take it to heart, tell me now. I’m saying nothing girl Well they will be fine. There is nothing.

Savasci Warrior Episode 21 With Urdu Subtitle

Let me ask you something, yours Why is your voice like that? are you crying Look, the commander is here, I’m closing, okay? Commander, Katlams Pasha is calling you to the Operations Center. The person you are calling cannot be reached at this time . Later please Try again where are you Why don’t you pick up my phone?

Seljuk, Seljuk. wake up son The Seljuk hold on Seljuk, Seljuk, don’t leave yourself, my coach. Commander, Commander! Seljuk’s condition is not good. Seljuq is going! I’m coming, okay. Saljuq, be patient, son. Seljuk, Seljuk, Seljuk! Baram, what’s up? Sir, I need serum, I need anti-syrup. We have exhausted all medical supplies sir.

Savasci Warrior Episode 21 With Urdu Subtitle

We must get the Seljuks out of here immediately, or we lose, Commander. Guys, what’s up with the ammo? Sir, I’m low on ammo. I also finished. – What’s up, Emre? Last magazine, sir. Go to your commander, march. – Yes sir Seljuq, Seljuq, arise. Seljuk! Murat is ready to throw the bomb. Gentlemen, get your grenades ready, we’ll cut them down.

If we go, they will come with us. All of you get ready, hold on! Captain Captain We have no choice, Captain. Commander, no Captain, I don’t like that phrase. I don’t even like the idea of ​​you surrendering, sir. I put you in this situation, now I will do what is necessary. Emre, give me the radio. Emre, no! – Emre! Emre, I said no!

Savasci Warrior Episode 21 With Urdu Subtitle

The commander, the copose colonel, was not going to surrender just because he had committed a (beep). -Kagan! – Commander! We do not surrender! Bairam will have a child. Seljuq is going to be martyred. There are people waiting for you. These kids are young and bright. I can’t do that to you. This is our only chance

. Commander, I ask you with all due respect. Commander It’s too long. We cannot take the lives of these boys. Rocket launcher. kill them Emre, give me the radio. Emre give me the radio son. Captain, give me the radio. You will not surrender, sir. Let’s get another one of you. Come on! Coaches, we begin. Sword, sword.

Savasci Warrior Episode 21 With Urdu Subtitle

Captain Haider Bozkert is speaking. Commander, are you there? York, where are you from? Sir, we come from somewhere. Remember what you said, sir? We will come out of anywhere, God willing! Please wait sir. We are diving. Be careful Babalar, I want to see all the (beep) air approaching the opponent! Open your eyes.

let’s go ! We have to retreat, Havel, the soldiers are here. No one will back down. I will shoot him who retreats. We don’t have a chance, Doctor, we have to go Come on, Havel, we’re going! Let’s go! I say don’t hold back. Baram, what’s up? His condition is not very good, we need medical attention. The next team has a serum supplement.

Savasci Warrior Episode 21 With Urdu Subtitle

Keep it alive, whatever. I am trying my best sir. Seljuk, Koch. Coach Come on, stay. Emre, where is the commander? Colonel Okay fine Well, you got me. I will tell you everything I know. No deal, no cheating. Wait, don’t Don’t you want to know, Colonel, huh? Names of leading staff. Who gave us European connections, weapons.

The grasshopper jumps three times, Doctor. It jumps three times. Timo Commander, it doesn’t die somehow, it’s not clear how I would adjust it. Look, look, the stick did not hit the leg. Swear, drink tea. Hyder, York Hyder. I am very happy to see you. It is an honor sir. coach Bro, are you Captain Bozok? Yes, Captain I have a misunderstanding.

Savasci Warrior Episode 21 With Urdu Subtitle

Come let me kiss you on the forehead. The man who blew the tapigose (beep) or the pipe, sir? come come Good thing you came. is it lion Thanks Commander, your order? One of us is injured Haider, get out of here as soon as possible. Jay Sir How are the conditions? Commander, we need to hurry. Timo, the news is bad.

what Dad Dad You will pay for it, Colonel. You will pay for it. we are going. It’s not time to sleep, we’re going! Timo, I’m sorry. Come on say it again, say it again! we are going I will show them what war is. I’ll show them what war is all about! Sir, they have crossed the border. They are in Turkey. what are you saying Oh, oh, oh! Oh!

Savasci Warrior Episode 21 With Urdu Subtitle

Doan, come on. Come on, Doan. Go make us 30, 30 toast and 40 buttermilk, okay? Also bring for Shamid Lt – Come on son. – Yes sir My Pasha, if you need anything, my phone is on. Well, I’ll come pick you up when you’re done, okay? Thank you very much Handon Hanam. Thanks nice to meet you. This phone is fine, right?

Curlingwich Absolutely, ma’am I am also very happy to meet you. no Do you want to eat or drink something? Well, have a coffee, Mrs. Pia. Okay fine A brown on the side? Okay fine Okay fine. I am La Ti. enjoy your meal do not do that What’s up, the book doesn’t come with it? We will talk to you, we will talk to you at lengt

h. Easy Easy Bairam, take Ilyas also, stay with the Seljuqs. Understood, Elias I hope it goes well sir. I hope it gets better, Lion Piece. Have some tea first, sir? York Haider, I thought you’d never ask. Absolutely I’m sorry sir Captain Bozkert. Hello Hello Speak. Hello, hello What are you doing? Captain! Captain, leave! Come to your senses Haider, wake up! Haider what are you doing? Haider! Come to your senses.

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