Kurulus Osman

Canal. What is it? Is there a problem aunt? Aunt where are you? Is everything okay, are you okay? I’m fine, what happened? Nothing, I was thinking about you.

No, I’ll be right back. I can make my own decisions, two. You don’t need to interfere with me. We will see you. Well, the less we see, the better for both of us.

What do you say, yaws? Sorry, Jahangir Bey. Everything is done correctly. There is nothing we can do at this stage. There’s always something going on, y’all.

Just put in a little effort. Do you want me to interfere with this work? no Your work is too much. I will handle this work myself. Any progress on Kirshat and Ramu?

Two just called. He managed to escape again. Krishat never seems to give up. Will he stop? He attacks from all sides.

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